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Haleigh and Mike! {married)

Hashtag #hmpwedding !! It was such an honour to photograph these two high school sweethearts on Saturday! It was extra special to me as I have known the brides family since before she was born! Growing up, her and her sisters were like an extention of my family and I spent numerous weekends sleeping over at their home, and if you ask her mom, she'll tell you how I used to call them at all hours in the early morning when I wasn't! haha It is really easy to photograph weddings when two people are so in love like these newlyweds are! The speeches shared by their family and friends at the reception just reinstates how perfect these two are for eachother! Talk about an emotional rollercoaster! They were not only supportive, but they were deep, loving, sentimental and hilarious all at once! These speeches had the crowd laughing, crying, and clapping louder than I have ever heard!

The weather was humid, rainy, sunny, and stormy, but nothing could put a damper on this day! The bride and groom continued to smile and share in the moment, making the best out of every raindrop!! And may I add how beautiful the reception and ceremony were at Fort Gibraltor! Despite the rain, the staff was quick on their toes and did a make shift aisle for the bride and her father to walk down.

I think it goes without saying, but Haleigh and Mike were the most relaxed Bride and Groom. From conquering the rain, to throwing axes, they stayed happy and beautiful throughout their day! Congratulations again, and thank you for letting me share in your special day!

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