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frequently asked questions

  • What is the best time to get newborn photos?
    Newborns are best photographed between 5-14 days old. This allows for most babies to get into snuggle cozy positions. After this window, desired poses you may want may not be possible for your baby as they quickly gain strength.
  • What are your Covid-19 Protocols for Newborn Sessions?
    My newborn studio is in my home, and I have a family myself, so I encourage parents to reschedule if they are sick. I wear a triple layer mask during all sessions, and sanitize my hands regularly. All Props are sanitized between sessions, and all linens and outfits are washed between sessions, using newborn friendly detergent. Masks are still mandatory in my studio, except when you are being photographed.
  • Who can come to the newborn session?
    Mom and dad are welcome to stay for the duration of the session. Siblings are allowed to come if the package includes photos with the family/siblings. However, young children can be disruptive to me (and baby!) during the session. I ask that you arrange for a trusted loved one to either pick up your child, or have dad leave with them. There are community parks near by to play at if needed. Grandparents, relatives and friends are NOT allowed to come into my home studio. Not only do I not have room to accommodate groups of people, I prefer to limit guests and exposure risks within my home. Please note: If they show up without notice and approval, they will be asked to leave.
  • What do I bring to a newborn session?
    In terms of props/blankets/outfits, I have all of that! If there is something specific you want to include in the session, I ask that you send me a photo of it in advance, so I can work it into the session plan. Other things to bring: - Snacks and water for mom - Extra breastmilk or formula for baby. - a Pacifier, even if baby does not use them, or you do not intend to use them. It helps to sooth newborns during the session. - Extra Diapers
  • How long can I expect to be there?
    That depends on your session booked! Typically, a Hello Baby Session is a maximum time frame of 3 hours. When baby participates well (ie sleeps/is well fed) we may get all photos in less time.
  • Can I take photos at the studio?
    No. Not only is this disruptive to my work flow, you are paying me to capture beautiful photos, so trust me to do that for you! On top of that, as my studio is in my home, I appreciate the privacy.
  • What if my baby is over 14 days old?
    I am happy to photograph older babies, as long as parents realize not every pose is achievable. Your babies safety is my number 1 priority, and I will not force them into any position that is unafe or unnatural.
  • Baby Safety
    Something many people don't know about newborn photography is the amount of photoshop and support pillows that go into each image. Your babies safety is always my #1 priority at all times. I used different support pillows and systems to secure your baby in every position. They are not left unattended. Some photos are taken for the purpose of producing a composite image in photoshop.
  • What to wear for family photos?
    I usually suggest you choose a seasonal appropriate palette, and work from there. Absolutely NO writing or logos on clothing, or loud patterns. For specific themes, like Christmas photos, it helps to have a combo of solids and patterns. The solids should be on the pattern palette. If you need help preparing for your session, I am here to help!
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