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High School Sweethearts!

Well. What a day! Tonight, I photographed Manny & Tegan's wedding at Larter's Golf Course in St. Andrews, Manitoba. It was supposed to rain, but luckily, it held out until the night was almost complete. That being said, the forest fires in BC really took control of our sky! While we had nothing but grey skies during the day, the soft light it created really made my job a breeze! Tegan and Manny met in high school. After finishing her masters degree, these two lovebirds decided to tie the knot! Manny is quite the creative person, so when they first asked me to shoot their wedding, I was so excited, but a little nervous too! (Shh don't tell!)

Fast forward to their wedding day. It went off without a hitch! This was a day filled with kindness, softness and love, oh so much love! There were points when even I, the photographer, began to tear up, even before the ceremony! These are the moments when I really love photographing a couple - when they are just a little nervous, perhaps vulnerable, and ready to embark on their biggest journey together. Here's to you two! <3 For more photos - check out their album!

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