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Norway House Animal Rescue

On Thursday, I did something that felt... right. Just so darn good for my soul! I contacted an animal rescue shelter and asked about their photography for adoptees. Turns out, they didn't have a photographer, so I volunteered my services - ongoing! I also recruited my friend (and new puppy wrangler!) Kyla to help me out with the photo session(s)! Today, we got to meet a beautiful litter of puppies, along with their mom, and their wonderful foster family! The puppies were all so cute and I'm happy to report our Sunday afternoon was filled with cuddles, and puppy kisses! These adorable puppies are almost 8 weeks and will be up for adoption soon!

Introducing the Chocolate Bar Litter - Hershey, Twix, Baby Ruth, Oh Henry, Ally (Mama), Rolo, Tootsie Roll & Mr. Big!

Remember, Adopt. Don't Shop! If you're interested in adopting any of the puppies - apply with the Norway House Animal Rescue Network. If you're unable to adopt at this time, but still want to help, please donate! Don't forget to follow their page on facebook!

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