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Raw Awakening: Art Show

Many of you already know -- but I am still so excited so thought I would share! My photography is being featured in an art show case in Raw: Awakening! For those of you who are new to Raw- let me tell you all about it! It's an international art show, that travels from city to city showcasing local talent in the art scene. There are many different genres of art, ranging from photographers, to musicians! I am excited to get my work out there on display! (Further than just instagram!) I am even going as far as pricing some of my landscapes! ...finally! haha

The show is on Thursday, April 3rd! Less than two weeks away! I hope you all have purchased your tickets! I'm getting really excited! If you would like to attend, but have not yet purchased your tickets, please go online to do so! - or talk to me! Again, I want to say thank you to all of my supporters for allowing me to follow my dreams and make my passion my reality. I will continue to grow and improve as I go! Xo, Ashley

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