Post Raw: Awakening Art Show Post!

April 5, 2014

Well it's over.

Yesterday, I was one of the lucky artists to be showcased at the Raw Artists: Awakening show in Winnipeg, Manitoba. I don't know where to begin with my experience! It was just so amazing! From the music, to the fashion, to all the different creative and expressive arts, right down to the overall "vibe", I would  say this event was more than successful! We had an INCREDIBLE turn out! (Over 800 tickets sold!) I can't begin to say thank you enough to not only my friends and family who came to support me, but to all the other people I got to meet yesterday who came to support and check out some of the talented artists we have right here in Winnipeg! You all MADE MY NIGHT!

I chose to display my landscapes and animal portraits for the show. My reasoning? because photographing nature and wildlife makes me feel grounded. It reminds me how powerful and gentle one thing can be at same time. That inspires me! (Who am I kidding, life itself inspires me!) but truly, when you see or know the strength of an animal, and can see the tenderness in it's expression, its hard not to be inspired! ... My Gorilla seemed to get the most comments, with "he's so human" to "the smirk! look at the smirk!"  just made me feel incredible. I work hard, and often very patiently to capture my photos, and the feedback last night reinstated how it is worth it!

I am thankful to everyone for not only the purchases of my work, but for the comments and feedback on my displayed prints!! It's very uplifting and really quite positive to be able to put yourself out there and not know what you can expect to hear!


For anyone interested in purchasing prints, the Raw Gallery can be found under the "Features" menu on my page!

If you were able to attend last night, I don't need to describe how unique the show was. In the unfortunate event that you weren't able to attend, I hope you can make it to my next show, because I definitely have full intentions of sharing in that experience again!

Signing Off.



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